Horizontal dynamic decanter

Based on our customer's needs, Tekno4 creates mechanical projects for the construction of new Decanters which separate a solid product from a liquid one accelerating meccanically the natural decanting process based on the difference between the specific weight of both elements. Besides Tekno4 supports the creation of the softwer implementation software as well as the realization of the related electric panel.
The management and control of the process is realized by PLC, installed within the electric panel. It countinuously controls the machine’s status, automatically changes the working parameters based on the physical variations of the product, by keeping the working cycle, the quality of the separation process and the volumetric quantity of the alimenatation of the Decanter constant and continuos.
The operator interface is generate through a touch screen panel in order to facilitate data entry.

Design software

Tekno4 design service implements and follows up in detail the analysis, the planning and the execution of each work according to the clients’ needs.

Tekno4 is able to provide centrifuge and automatic mobile installation as well as to fix and re-generate Decanters of every type in the following fields of application:

  • Drainage water treatment and dehydratation of muds from civil purifier
  • Purification settings of canning industry and transformation of agricultural products
  • Treatment and salvage of industrial butchery subproducts
  • Settings for purification and transfomation of livestock waste
  • Treatment of subproducts made out of hides tanning and wool washing
  • Settings for the separaton and salvage of salt crystals in the chemical industry
  • Settings for purification and recycle of water from inert washing of mining industry
  • Recycling of mads fermentation waste for biogas
  • Settings for purification refinery waters & soil washing

The difference between VGA models (Automatic Variation of differential turns - VGA Italian acronym) and P (proportional) models is that the regulation of differential turns is automatic in VGA models, whereas the differential turns are fixed in P models.

* Effective flow rate with the weight of the (turbid) 1.2 – 1.3 kg/lt.

Tested efficiency of Flocculante with the target product Solid component:”Clayey and humid soil” s.w. = 2300kg/m3