muds dehydration

Mobile setting of muds dehydration

Tekno4 carries out completely autonomous mobile systems for separating and dehydrating sludge The settings is made up of:

  • Maritime container or other
  • Mud supply pump inverter control
  • Flocculant power supply pump inverter
  • Separate/dehydrated solid evacuation auger
  • Flow and flocculant flow meters
  • Electrical generator

Furthermore the setting is made up of the following components, designed and created by our technical experts:

  • Horizontal dynamic decanter (models VGA or VGP)
  • Main electrical framework for control and management of the process
  • Preparatory pole station
  • Hydraulic power plant mud flocculant and water in AISI 304
  • Liquid collection tant clarified in AISI 304
  • Electrical system border container