Assistance and repair services

Tekno4 performs every type of maintenance and regeneration operation for damaged components of any type of Decanter at our facility. This includes the complete dimensional reactivation of cochlea with anti-wear cover of coils, either tungsten or chromium powders in a high-density electrolytic bath. At the end, we produce a final dynamic balancing certificate regarding the residual imbalance up to the grade β€œISO G1”. Furthermore, qualified personnel performs the after-sales assistance service.

Our technicians give technical assistance on site, either for mechanical or electrical repairing, including regulation and calibration assistance separation process in every sector of:

  • Drainage water treatment and dehydratation of muds from civil purifier
  • Purification settings of canning industry and transformation of agricultural products
  • Treatment and salvage of industrial butchery subproducts
  • Settings for purification and transfomation of livestock waste
  • Treatment of subproducts made out of hides tanning and wool washing
  • Settings for the separaton and salvage of salt crystals in the chemical industry
  • Settings for purification and recycle of water from inert washing of mining industry
  • Recycling of mads fermentation waste for biogas
  • Settings for purification refinery waters & soil washing